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Access Technology’s intelligent hub powers multi-asset trading from a single account. The account structure based on U.S. equities powers leverage in FX and Futures trading. Across all products our bridges connect brokerage partners and their clients to the asset classes and market data they need for price discovery, execution, settlement and clearing of trades. These asset bridges achieve best execution from liquidity providers including U.S. equities clearing brokers with direct access to the exchanges and market makers along with connectivity to FCMs, global banks and prime of primes for futures and FX trading.

The best way to trade.


Multi-Asset trading options create a stickier experience for clients. Once able to trade assets from a single account, instead of trading elsewhere, clients are more likely to stay on-platform and consolidate deposits with our brokerage partners. Client onboarding is accomplished by a single KYC & AML verification keeping acquisition costs lower and increasing profitability. Multi-asset accounts create sound investment portfolios underpinned by U.S. equities with leverage, upside and trading action accomplished with FX & futures.


A single account with all asset classes empowers leverage for clients and drives trading volume. For retail traders, their deposits aren’t spread over multiple accounts they’re able to more easily qualify for margin. And, their equities positions don’t need to be liquidated to raise cash for trading in other asset class. For sophisticated traders the cash positions enable hedging for more aggressive trades in the other asset classes.

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