Markets Direct

Tasas de Usuario Variadas

Futures Pro Fee$115 Per Exchange Per Month$9 Per Exchange Per Month
Futures Non-Pro Fee$35 Per Month For BundleFree
Equity Pro Fees$27 Per Month
Equity Non-Pro Fees$1 Per Month
Futures Regulatory Fee$0.02 per contract
Margin and/or Daily loss limit Liquidation Fee$25 per contract
Subscription Fee$9.95 per month
CQG User Fee$25 Per month per User
Additional Trader Fee$25 per month
Wire Transfer Fee$30.00 Wires, return wires and currency conversions, reproduction of an account statement and electronic trading log for audit purposes.
Tax Certification (W-8BEN) Fee $5.00 per Account. One-time fee assessed at Account opening. Non-U.S. accounts only.

A certificate of foreign status of beneficial owner for United States tax withholding and reporting for individuals.