Markets Direct

Discover a new way of trading

Enable multi-asset trading
and cross margining from one account

Launch your business above the competition. Give your  clients more value for their money.


MarketsDirect – Access Gateway, the premier technology platform that brings together the world’s exchange traded and OTC markets via an all-in-one cross margined account. Built in partnership with respected industry leaders.

MarketsDirect -Access gateway

Ultra convenient trading from mobile devices.

Optimize portfolio margining by leverage stocks to trade futures and FX.

Trade in over 3300 US listed equities.

Trade and hedge leveraged FX with futures, utilizing one wallet and cross margin technology.

Trade all assets in a single account with one set of account opening documents.

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Your clients can now trade and invest in US listed stocks, Futures, and Forex from a single cross-margined account.

Cross-margin account

Give your clients 50% cross margin of their equities portfolio value value to trade other products.

Commission-free trading

Enable commission-free trading in US stocks as a proven and powerful draw to attract a whole new group of clients.



Built upon the acclaimed CQG Integrated Client desktop with its extensive market data feeds, advanced technical analysis, charting, and order management tools.


Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) are investment funds that trade on exchanges much like stocks. Invest in a basket of securities that are highly liquid and transparent.

US Equities

Markets Direct has partnered with well established clearing firms to offer our clients a simple, low cost solution to invest in US equities.


The Forex market is far and away the largest traded market in the world, with an estimated daily turnover of $7 trillion, vs. 84 billion in equities worldwide.